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Benefits for Parents

Discovery is no ordinary school holiday camp, and it's definitely not a boot camp. Teens connect with other teens for a week and make exceptional bonds, do extraordinary things, learn (and retain) tools to help them face challenges - at school, tomorrow or in their lifetime.

It will help your teen:


  • Increase self-esteem, confidence, personal responsibility, self-motivation

  • Develop a sense of purpose and direction in life

  • Enhance communication skills

  • Learn study skills techniques to improve results

  • Have better relationships with parents, siblings, peers and teachers

  • Improve overall attitude towards life

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What parents of Discovery Grads say..

"He is a changed teen - rearing to go and oh-so positive!"

"He has a new outlook in life and a desire to do well and enjoy it"

"The confidence and tools she has been given throughout the journey will put her in good stead to move forward into her future."

"Your course is life changing!"

They might not want to go, but they will thank you for sending them!

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Your teen will:


  • Increase their self-esteem, confidence, personal responsibility, self-motivation and resilience

  • Learn respectful and responsible communication skills to support stronger relationships

  • Learn new tools and strategies that will enable them to get the best out of life and to deal effectively with lifes challenges

  • Learn academic techniques to easily improve their results

  • Define what success means to them, setting goals for school and life and learning how to achieve them

  • Improve their overall attitude towards life and feel better about who they are

  • Be in a safe environment. Our staff to teen ratio is 1:4 and all staff are both trained and police vetted

You will:


  • Join in Parents’ Day – the last day of Discovery for Teens*. Meet other parents and learn valuable tools and strategies to continue to support your Teen.
    (At least one guardian of every teen needs to attend Parents’ Day from 9:30am; taking home their teen at the end of the day.   *Discovery for Kids (DFK) parents attend for a couple of hours on Friday evening and Sunday afternoon)

  • Remember what it’s like growing up, consider the challenges for today’s teens and what they have learnt about themselves and others

  • Recognise the importance of supporting them while they have ‘great moments’ as they stumble and learn to walk their own path

  • Be prepared for your teen to come home with a different outlook
  • Learn how to encourage them to use the tools and grow

Upcoming Programmes

Discovery for Teens               (14-18 year olds)

Ngaruawahia - 22-28 April 2018
Starts: Sun 22nd
Ends: Sat  28th
West Auckland- 7-13 October 2018
Starts: Sun 7th
Ends: Sat  13th

Discovery for Kids
For Years 7-8(10-13 year olds)


Information Evenings

Youthline House
13 Maidstone St
Grey Lynn

All Welcome