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More quotes from Parents about Discovery for Teens

"I got a chance to tell my teen that I was proud of them and that I was willing to support them in achieving their goals, rather than telling them all the things they’re not doing!"

I only left him for 7 days. I could not contain the tears in my eyes when I saw in front of me a confident, young man making eye contact, clear & precise words "no ums & arhhhs." I could not believe it. Not to mention the PDA (public display of affection) - I got a hug from him in front of all these strangers. WOW I was blown away... A week ago this would not have been possible, his new found confidence” - Moana (Parent)

"Our 15 year daughter has always been someone who participated in everything from sports to school, so we didn't expect too much.  But we were immediately impressed by her increased confidence, and it hasn't stopped there.  She has made tough friend choices over the last year and nailed Year 11 school - having set and exceeded her goals (new concept since Discovery).  She has planned her classes from NCEA to Uni, had a holiday job, plans and does homework, is more social than ever and has more friends.  For us Discovery took a while to show through but now I see it was the best investment we ever made in our daughter's future" - Jo (Parent)

"This truly is the most remarkable and worthwhile programme in New Zealand. We know from experience how vital this course is and we experienced first-hand the outpouring of emotions on parents day as teens relayed their heartfelt sorrows and pledges to do so much better with their lives. What this course achieves with teens is unbelievable."

"Our son has transformed into a young man who is so much happier with who he is and a lot more confident in himself. He is a lot more motivated, a lot more respectful to us (his parents), and has learnt not to take us for granted. He also learnt study skills including speed-reading, which has been a huge help at school. This is a life skills course that would benefit any teen and the bonus is they all enjoy it. As our son said "It's one of the best weeks of my life"

"Discovery is great. Teens realise their true potential in life [and] helps people... learn they can do anything in life if you set a goal to achieve it. I plan to return to Discovery as a staff member because I feel it changed my life and I want to help other people" - Samuel G. (teen graduate)

"Our daughter's confidence, maturity and self-esteem has increased and this has helped significantly in [all] our lives. She has a new lease on life, creating less stress for us all. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to give their children direction in their lives " - Brett F. (Christchurch)

"Discovery has helped [him] mature greatly. He is now taking responsibility for his behaviour and to 'own' what he says and does. For me Parent Day was very valuable as I got to know my son again - we certainly laid the foundations of a better relationship" - Deb W. (Dunedin)

"The entire Discovery experience has impacted upon all aspects of our lives in profoundly positive ways. All teenagers and their families would benefit from this powerful programme" - Helen L. (Arrowtown)

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Discovery for Teens               (14-18 year olds)

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Discovery for Kids
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Auckland 8-10 September 2017
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