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The Role Of Children In The Home

Educating is not an easy task and, sometimes, knowing what role children should have in the family creates certain doubts. Many parents do not know if they demand too much of their children or, on the contrary, they fall short. Others, wrongly, wait until children are older to begin to instill certain habits and rules of conduct.

It is very important to take into account the age of the child and his evolutionary development to know what to demand of him, how, and why. A 2-year-old child is not the same as a 7-year-old; the demands must be adapted to the age and characteristics of the child. But since they are very young, they should be taught to be responsible, involve them in household chores and promote personal autonomy:

– Responsibilities: it consists of teaching children to be consistent and responsible for their actions, helping them to assume that failures are part of life and that they are useful to learn from mistakes. To develop a sense of responsibility, it is very important that children have obligations adapted to their age and characteristics.

– Household chores: from a young age, children can be involved in household chores, whether it is putting napkins on the table, picking up toys, or keeping their purse tidy. The involvement in these tasks should be greater as the children grow older.

– Tasks of personal autonomy: consists of teaching them to be independent. If parents do everything for their children and don’t let them do anything for themselves, they will never know what activities they can do alone. There are many areas in which children can help:

– Grooming and dressing: it is necessary to create good habits in personal hygiene since they are small. A 3- or 4-year-old can groom himself with some help and supervision. They will surely take longer, fill everything with water, etc., but if they are not given some autonomy, they are not being helped to create small habits so that in the future, they will acquire more important ones.

– Food: to the best of their ability, they should learn to eat alone, and they can be taught to have good table manners. This requires a lot of patience on the part of the parents, but the children gain a lot going forward.

It is essential that children do not see these duties as a punishment but as something that is part of the family life: just as parents have some obligations, they have to have others.

Relationship between siblings at home

It is very common that, in childhood, most siblings do not get along, that they spend most of their time arguing and fighting over trifles. This does not mean that they do not love each other; The proof is that, when they reach adulthood, most relationships between siblings are as parents would have wanted them to be when they were little: they tell intimacies, spend a lot of time together, ask for advice to make important decisions, etc. . Consequently, fights and arguments between brothers are common and frequent events.