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Dos and Don’ts When Styling Your Home

Home styling and decoration are a necessity in every home. How a room is decorated can tell much about the owner or the mood in the house. Whether you are decorating to sell the home or make it attractive to you, here are some dos and don’ts while home staging Wellington.

Don’t create too-themed rooms.

Everyone has a liking for a particular design and style. While decorating your space, this is the design in the back of your mind and you want to experience it in your room. It is not a bad idea to have such inspiration but the problem comes in when you overdo it. The house turns into a theme park. Instead, incorporate artwork, color furniture from the styles you like in your décor. This will give your room a lovely diverse look and feel. A home stager will be attracted to such a house

Avoid too much clutter

It’s normal to have objects we would like to display in our room. Artwork, gifts, and shopping things make up a lot of clutter. Displaying all of these in a single space will make a weird look and make the room smaller. Display some of the objects, and store the rest. You can swap them after a period. This will also be redecorating in itself.

Don’t place or buy matching furniture.

This is very tempting. Sometimes the space is large and you need more furniture. The immediate thought will be to buy all furniture at once and matching. Having matching furniture from the lounge, bedroom and dining is boring and lacks personality. Your home will be more of a showroom than a home. Have your favorite bed or lounge and add a different taste and style for the bedside table or armchairs with fabric. The styles will complement each other. In case you will do a home staging, buyers will be interested.

Think about your home architecture

Your home decoration should go in hand with your location. Like you may want a beach look in your home, but you are in a desert. That will not work. Let the environment and the heritage inspire your decoration

Have a mood board

The home has several rooms meant for different work and purposes. Have a mood board and floor plan for each room so that it works well with the whole scheme.

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