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About Discovery

Founded in 1991, Discovery Foundation Inc. is a registered not-for-profit, incorporated society.  It is a registered New Zealand charity, number CC25089.

Discovery for Teens is a unique programme for all young New Zealanders. Unlike other programmes it does not focus solely on at risk, or high-achievers, but provides benefits to all backgrounds and is in fact successful due to having a cross-spread of the average NZ population on programme.

Discovery is directly derived from Winners Camp Hawaii, which itself is derived from Super Camp in the USA and is also known as Discovery in Australia. Since 2010 Discovery Foundation NZ (Inc.) has full ownership of the local intellectual property and may develop and deliver the programme.


Discovery For Teens' course provides and puts into action insights and tools for:

  • Self-awareness, time-out and reframing techniques / language
  • Personal responsibility, self-management and self-motivation
  • Interpersonal communication skills and approaches for peers, teachers, parents and authority
  • Healthy options and choices from food and sleep through to technology overuse and other addictions or addictive behaviours
  • Academic techniques such as speed reading, memorisation & exam / assignment techniques
  • The impact on our lives (medium- and long-term) of everyday decisions and actions we take


Courses have been provided all over NZ including the South Island, Manawatu, Rotorua and Wellington. Since 2013 Discovery for Teens has been held in Henderson, Auckland with one foray to Christchurch in 2015 with the help of Jetstar . The vision is hold the programme in various locations every year, to hold programmes in Wellington and the South Island once again, with thousands of Kiwi families participating and experiencing the benefits of Discovery

Tools for change:

  • Interpersonal communication skills and approaches for peers, teachers, parents and authority
  • Time-out and reframing techniques / language
  • Goal Setting, "What-you-focus-on-you-get","Chunking into bite-sizes"
  • Thoughts - words - actions
  • Self-presentation / Breaking from the herd
  • Teams, team work and Ropes Day


To positively impact upon the lives and futures of every teenager, their families and communities.

To equip teenagers with self-awareness, study-skills and life-skills. Discovery provides our young men and women with an appreciation of choices and consequences so that, with confidence and courage, they can make the right decisions to confidently be all they can.

We Aim To:

  • Approach all situations with respect, empathy and fun.
  • Focus on the present and future; leaving baggage behind.
  • Be widely identified as the best programme for ordinary teenagers.
  • Be not-for-profit and commercially savvy. We grow within our means and will be accessible and affordable to all New Zealand families.
  • Be economical and also excellent in everything we deliver.
  • Be both apolitical and nonreligious.
  • Support and show gratitude to our supporters.

Discovery Foundation Values:
Respect Equality Courage Learning Responsibility


Discovery is a non-religious, non-political, non-gender biased programme. Participants with physical disabilities are also welcomed as full participants. Discovery grows teens mentally and emotionally with all physical elements team-orientated and starts by asking participants to accept and celebrate who they are and use this to find their forward looking strengths.

Risk Management Programme

Risk management on Discovery programmes is vital as we cover self-exploration and facing personal challenges. On-course Discovery for Teens has a full-time health and wellbeing officer, volunteer-to-teen ratio of 1:3, fully trained facilitators including a Clinical Social Worker/ Counsellor

Our Team

Discovery’s Office Manager - Jaidan Mason 

Jaidan’s role includes the event co-ordination of Discovery programmes, liaising with client families from around the country, overseeing accounts and ensuring the smooth running of the office. Jaidan comes from a background in events and administration and has worked in the child/youth, education, commercial and charitable sectors. Jaidan is married with 3 children and has a passion for seeing people reach their full potential.


Discovery’s Administration Officer - Anvi Kadakia 

Anvi first started as a volunteer with discovery foundation in 2013 after immigrating from India. She fell in love with the programme and the joy that she saw every teen get out of Discovery was magic. She is responsible for day to day administration activities, liaison with parents and liaison with discovery programme staff and administration during programme. Anvi is from a hospitality background, She has worked with hotels and other industries in the past.


Core Facilitators

Programme Facilitator - Meredith Kennett

Meredith was a Discovery For Teens teenager participant in 1991 and set as her life- and career-goal on programme to become a life-skills educator for youth. Meredith put in place the actions to make this happen and has been a facilitator at Discovery since 2000.

Meredith is trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Group Dynamics, Communication Techniques and Adventure Programming. Meredith also works for Enlighten Education on programmes delivered in NZ schools to help teenage girls decode the mixed messages they get, help develop self-esteem and gain confidence. Meredith also has a young family of her own.

Academics Trainer - Wayne Prince

NLP Trainer certified INLPTA

Wayne has a huge passion for learning and discovering new things and teaches techniques that enable people of all ages to learn in fun and creative ways. Working in schools and with teenagers, teachers and parents all over the world for the past 17 years, Wayne has developed ways of communicating and connecting with people which allows him to pass on these learning techniques in fun, impacting and life changing ways. Wayne also works with his partner Deb to teach empathic empowerment courses throughout the year.

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Upcoming Programmes

Discovery for Teens               (14-18 year olds)

Ngaruawahia - 22-28 April 2018
Starts: Sun 22nd
Ends: Sat  28th
West Auckland- 7-13 October 2018
Starts: Sun 7th
Ends: Sat  13th

Discovery for Kids
For Years 7-8(10-13 year olds)


Information Evenings

Youthline House
13 Maidstone St
Grey Lynn

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